Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Departure, Arrival and Jet Lag

We started off our journey when we took off for NYC around twelve on Monday. We had to wait in the JFK airport for 5 hours. We wandered about the terminal, got snacks, and read and talked to kill time. Finally, at 8:00 we boarded our Delta flight to Dublin, Ireland. The flight was long and although we all tried to get much needed sleep, it was difficult. Maybe everyone got a few rough hours of sleep or none at all. I may have gotten an hour.
After the long six hour flight, we reached our destination. Excited but exhausted, we met up with our bus driver, Owen. He drove us to a little restaurant where we had scones and coffee for breakfast. We then toured the mansion of Sir Alfred Beit, a man who inherited his uncle's diamond fortune. Sir Alfred Beit and his wife lived in the Russborough estate and collected many famous and old works of art and furniture from all over the world to decorate their home. We found out when, where, and who is associated with each work. Each was unique and interesting.
By the time the tour had finished, it started had to rain outside, and was freezing. So we boarded the bus once again to go to buy breakfast foods and things at a local grocery store, then headed to the inn where we would be staying. The inn is nice and cozy. We had a bit of free time, then went to another restaurant for dinner. The options offered were between turkey and salmon. As I am a vegetarian, I got to have stir fry vegetables and rice, which was very good.
Finally we had reflection time with the group. We were all exhausted, not having gotten a decent amount of sleep in over a day. But we discussed why we had chosen to come on this pilgrimage and what we hoped to gain from it. We prayed and recited the compline. Now we are going to get to bed early as we're all extremely tired, and want to make the best of our day tomorrow!


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