Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kildare, St. Brigid & the High Crosses

Today was day three of our pilgrimage in Ireland. The day started nice and early for us, waking up around 7:30. It was our last day at Sli an Chroi, so we were required to pack all of our stuff up. After we had a small pillow cover problem (there were none) we had to strip our beds and remake them. We then went to morning prayer and loaded everything onto the bus.

We then headed towards Kildare where we me met up with sister Mary at her house. We then sat in a circle and lit a candle and she told us about Saint Brigid and then we listened to a song (which praised Saint Brigid). Mary sang along.

We then left her house and walked on over to Saint Brigid's Cathedral. We then decided to climb up one of the tallest round towers in Ireland, this surprisingly took a long time to reach the top. When we got up there we took some great pictures (including a killer picture with John and William).

We then went into Saint Brigid's Cathedral, where we sat down and Mary talked to us about the history of the church. We then left the church and walked though the oldest street market in Ireland (it was started around 1515) to get to an information center about Saint Brigid. After we watched a 15 minute movie (and yes it was extremely cheesy) we left and walked to a Catholic church where we learned more about Saint Brigid.

We then got back on the bus to go to the well of Saint Brigid but first we took a pit stop at a healing well. Then we got back on the bus and continued on to Saint Brigid's well. When we got there we went to these rock structures and learned what all five of them stood for, we then got to the actual well where we stood and listened to Mary talk more about Saint Brigid. She then told us that some people leave something of theirs tied to a tree near the well then some of us did the same.

We then got our lunches off the bus and sat in the fenced in area around the well and had lunch. After Owen (our bus driver) dropped off our guide Mary we got back on the bus and headed to see the High Cross at Moone, and some other high crosses at Castledermott. We then got back on the bus and we headed towards Dublin, however most of the journey I don't remember because I fell asleep (our bus is unusually comfy), but apparently some Max, Jeffrey, Susanna, and Eason played games the whole way there (rather quietly, thankfully).

We then arrived at Emmaus (our hotel) which has endless hot water and doesn't smell like cows when you walk outside (i.e its way more modern and nice). We then got to our rooms and had a little time to hang out before we had to go to reflection where we journaled for about 30 min.

We then had a little more free time before dinner, after that we headed into our own private dinning hall to have dinner where Luke sat with all the kids and Jeffrey and William sat with the rest of the chaperones (who had very enthralling conversations and I only could guess that Luke and the other teens had great conversations as well).

Next we watched the slide show of the day's pictures and we talked about our experiences with the people we met today. We then had compline which Jeffrey and Ellie led (they did a wonderful job). We then went to our rooms and got ready for bed (I assume).

Today was a great day and we had a lot of fun, but I must go to bed now so goodnight loyal readers and Atlanta.


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